We all want to learn Chinese in Shanghai

In recent years, with closer economic and trade relations between China and Asean countries, the folk activities gradually frequently, in Thai students, set off an upsurge in learning Chinese. Recently, some come to Thailand Oriental university college students to talk about their perception of Chinese learning.
At a time when the Burapha University, back to school the next day after the school summer break. Campus, breeze puffs, trees lush, lush. Traffic circle in the center of the campus, a huge exhibition board, respectively, in Thailand, Britain and the three letters written "welcome students back to school" peace.
In the campus, we encountered a group of Chinese institute of humanities and social science first-year girls. They just take part in the welcome ceremony, wrapped in red cloth on his forehead, which marked "Chinese education" four word, ears each with a piece of gold foil with a "rich" word, scattered points on the edge of the red, like a chaplet and official robes.
Oriental university has been a keen interest in the fountain of Shanghai Mandarin spring Chinese school, the school said to us: "the enthusiasm of the Thai people learning Chinese in continuous high. In the east this year the university language institute opened a Chinese classes, had expected only 40 people sign up, then more than 150 people sign up, finally had to be divided into two classes."Moreover, there are more and more students after have a bit of Chinese are more willing to go to China, especially they are willing to study Chinese in Shanghai.
Who is reading the junior Chinese Thai girl Jin Ru heart said to us: "travel to Thailand on business in recent years, more and more Chinese people, Chinese in Thailand is growing fast. If I master English will not only Chinese, can have more opportunities than others."
In recent years, the Mandarin spring Chinese language school in Shanghai has become the main base of Thai eastern learning Chinese.Interns Thai guy Wang Naguang work here for two years, he has been through the Chinese proficiency test (HSK) 5, will go to China to continue to learn Chinese in Shanghai next year.His wish is to become a Chinese teacher, teach Thai people speak Chinese.He and another volunteer Thailand girl zhu talents are said to us, come here to practice, mainly to learn Chinese.
Jin Ru heart girl classmate Thailand Lu Meiqing excitedly said: "we open a shop in the city, now has a Chinese guests to buy things, mom will call me talk to the guest. Can help mother's busy, I feel so happy! I chose the right major, Chinese is really very useful!"
When it comes to Shanghai, young Thai Shen Peili face is permeated with hope and vision."My biggest wish is to take an examination of HSK, get the chance to work in the Shanghai. I've been to Shanghai before, now also want to go! After graduation, I want to be a Chinese translation, or Chinese tour guide, a TV reporter, which is a very good job in Thailand."Shen Peili fluent in standard mandarin let everybody clapped.Other Chinese junior also excitedly said: "the ideal to work in China Shanghai!"He also told us that his brother has been in China now, he is working while learning Chinese in Shanghai, he felt the Chinese great progress, to a certain extent, is due to elder brother, when I started learning Chinese he will tell a lot to learn Chinese in Shanghai when the teacher taught his skills and methods, such as: often watch Chinese movies, listen to Chinese songs, this is good for our reading and listening;Learning is not just in the school also can continue in their life.For example, in life there are many opportunities to see Chinese characters, go to a restaurant when can see the menu, see oneself can read, can you understand what mean;And make friends with Chinese people also is very good way, Chinese can be used so much son, send and receive text messages or something.In fact, there are many ways to help us to learn Chinese, but the most important is must depend on oneself, if you don't can't do the hard, study hard is a must, as China has a word said: "stick to it is victory."