Chinese American Learn Chinese in Shanghai

My name is Jacob, a Chinese American.I was born in China, grow up in the United States, English became my native language.I took Spanish in high school, college taught myself Japanese.After three and a half years old in the United States, I back home only once, after graduating from high school, participated in the China youth roots trip to camp.At that time, I'm impressed with the Shanghai, but I never know I will come back to learn Chinese in Shanghai.At that time, I didn’t understand any word of Chinese.After graduating from university of California, Berkeley school, earning a CPA license, have been busy with work.This time to go to Shanghai to learn Chinese language learning, the purpose is not only to learn Chinese, but also want to come into China, understand China, direct and experience Chinese culture, expand the global field of vision.
Before go to Shanghai to learn Chinese, my English level can be said to be "illiterate", I don't has 20 years does not speak Chinese, everything from scratch.Parents bought me a set of four books "new concept mandarin" in both Chinese and English bilingual textbooks, I glanced through it again.My mother said to me, if you pass the exam you when audit.Mandarin spring in Shanghai Chinese language school is the fountain of test scores divide into classes according to the Chinese, I naturally is the points in the most primary Chinese class.I successfully completed 120 hours of study, with high level through the HSK3, originally I want to take an examination of HSK4 level, but require Chinese characters too much, I can't fully grasp time is limited.But my primary Chinese spoken language test is also very good, but I can speak Chinese is far more than that, it gave my mother a big surprise.Actually this get half of the grade is to rely on individual effort, the other half is thanks to the teacher and language partners.At the graduation ceremony, I gave the teacher gift I brought from the United States.We each student the one-on-one assigned to a school students in Chinese language partners (they are) to learn English.My language partners to a great extent, help me to study Chinese and adapt to the new environment as soon as possible.
Learn Chinese in Shanghai this time let me eternal life unforgettable, Chinese is a difficult language, six weeks of learning is only the beginning.To learn Chinese well, I have to go a long way.This study the main harvest is dares to speak Chinese, laid a solid foundation for my further study Chinese.These foreign students from all over the world, we have in the United States, Canada, Europe, South Korea, and so on.Everyone speak Chinese all talk da talk, this also break my fear, began to speak Chinese, even if the pronunciation also dare to speak, don't also know how to consult when said.Although often the opportunity for comedy as you own a hammer.The teacher asked how long have we graduated from university, I never put off until tomorrow what can be said for three hours.Should be graduated for three years.Ask what kind of work I do, I say it's senior accounting people.I often think of Chinese adverbs make a mistake.Others advised me to eat more vegetables, I said don't;Others advised me again, I said don't very much.I can't tell the difference between Chinese people and Chinese, because Chinese both use the same word in English.Sometimes I put in Chinese as origin, sounds like the Middle East.Someone ask if I am an American, I said I am a man from the United States, others listen to me is a funny American, laughing.To a large extent help me to study Chinese and adapt to the new environment as soon as possible.
My pronunciation in Chinese is not good, the cucumber is read, red melon, sister read into the big ye.The hardest thing to send in Chinese is the third.My cousin taught me a trick, the third, start into a fourth, fast into the second at the end of the sound again.Horse horse, for example, read to scold, again into ma end, continuous read fast down, a horse.But I still master is bad pronunciation.
When I write Chinese is the biggest obstacle to a word the proportion of each part is bad.Proportion is wrong sometimes change meaning.Before coming to Shanghai to learn Chinese, and for the first time I write my Chinese name. Mandarin spring in Shanghai school of painting class, the first time in my life painting traditional Chinese painting.Painting teacher on a piece of white paper on each part drawing, drawing to us, after a students' translation, we will try to depict the painting.When write their name on the painting, I didn't write his own name for, name of the size of the three words are inconsistent.Through practice in calligraphy, I finally at the end of the panda paintings, to be able to write your Chinese name correctly.
On the calligraphy class, the teacher let us free Chinese calligraphy, I chose "sensitive" word, because the classmate say sensitive means clever.Then please people framed into horizontal hang a picture.At this time I also learned to use traditional to write his own name, but still control the proportion of bad word.I sector calligraphy "refined taste" back to the United States, I forgot this two word pronunciation and meaning.My friend didn't recognize my handwriting, read the word "fun" into "volunteers", because I write in the right proportion, primary and secondary position a bit presumptuous guest usurps the host's role.
But I still enjoyed learning Chinese in Shanghai this six weeks, they opened up my enthusiasm for learning Chinese, I will continue to work hard, maybe one day I can become China hand!