My experience of learning Chinese in Shangha

My name is Ryan, is an American, doing business in China for almost a decade, there are a lot of Americans are told me: "doing business in China westerners always complain cheated".But I don't agree with their opinion, I think this is what they asked for it.Fraud this sort of thing happens all the time in New York, Toronto, London, Sydney, Shanghai is no exception.The only difference is that, in the United States and Britain Australia, American English is enough.
Foreigners in Shanghai is a common excuses to learn Chinese, "Chinese people speak English, so I don't need to learn Chinese".They childishly thought (China) factory bosses don't speak English.To think is self-deception.Boss may use Chinese translation, oneself do not speak English, but he can understand.If out of the room, you will realize this: use English to say a joke, big boss will be the first laugh.
In the negotiations, this gives them the advantage of the two, make its have time to make a better response.If not, then you are "ignorant Americans”
And when I first learn Chinese in Shanghai is to have such a mentality, at the time, just to Shanghai my secretary will help me to find some Chinese teacher, I am unsatisfactory with until then by chance I met the Mandarin spring of Shanghai the Chinese school teacher, they impressed me with professional teaching, let me really started learning Chinese in Shanghai.Teacher taught me not only the language, more she let I gradually understand the true way to learn Chinese, it makes me learning Chinese in Shanghai road, more relaxed and happy, also can learn a lot, the teacher is not only to understand the Chinese culture, understanding of American culture is not less than I knew American, this makes our communication and the whole class are all very happy.Teachers are often compared to the culture of China and the United States, let me to Chinese culture, Chinese people have very deep understanding, it has great help to my career, I have been very grateful to my teacher.
In my first year of learning Chinese in Shanghai, at that time because of some special reasons I can only stay in Shanghai during the Spring Festival in China, far away from my families, although I Spring Festival but look so lively atmosphere, however, think the moment is should be together with my family, my teacher know me a people in China are invited me to her home and her husband and parents together to celebrate the Spring Festival, this is the first time I and so many China so close together, let me more in-depth understanding of China, most Chinese are very friendly.Chinese New Year is very lively and interesting, China is the lunar New Year, the first day of Chinese New Year's eve, to the whole family eat together, but also with a vigil, package dumplings, fireworks to welcome the New Year.The next day would be the real New Year, the old man to give young players "red envelopes", to each other between relatives and friends happy New Year, send you New Year's blessing.I also got a lot of blessing.I study Chinese in Shanghai I think this experience will never forget the good memories.
Later gradually will say many Chinese, can understand more.Just as I learn Chinese, to follow the practice of China's big boss, don't tell (China) factory I'm learning the language.Interesting thing is that I heard I use English and translation of the difference between words in Chinese.
When negotiating with a Chinese factory, the factory owner didn't know that I know Chinese.Intense negotiations, he looked at my translation said, "the problem is not me, nor the factory management, the problem is that Ryan don't understand China, manufacturing in China or Chinese culture!"Start translation in English, "he thought that a misunderstanding, is not the same as the americans and the Chinese business..."I interrupt her, looked at the big boss, said in Chinese, "the problem is not me, not me to manufacturing or don't understand Chinese culture. I have worked with factory (China) from south to north and from east to west. I have been to the city more than you know. The problem is that you don't understand your customers, your feet don't tread abroad..."He was tongue-tied and realized that over the past four years, he said that I understand every word.Although the relationship with the factory, but we got better business partners.If he does not learn Chinese, I will never know.
In China, especially in Shanghai, the local people may know much about you in your understanding of them.It is for this reason, many American businessmen think Chinese people cheat them.That is why it is important for western companies realize the problem, take the initiative to let employees learn Chinese and understand Chinese culture, that is why I do business in China successfully.