The story of learn Chinese in Shanghai

 In July 2004 after I successfully admitted to the college of liberal arts at the university of Belgrade, almost all of people will ask me the same question: why did you choose to learn Chinese in Shanghai?
Before the college entrance examination, they always have their own ideas are on my mom and dad: dad wanted me to learn English, because in the UK have relatives, can go there every summer internship. My mother had a dream of becoming a doctor from his childhood, no implementation, so she wants me to medical school. Said: after finish listen to parents' ideas, I considered medical I will never learn, saw blood I will faint; I think English also not line, because I can't imagine my life in a western country. We have some relatives live in France, the UK has twenty or thirty years, the kind of life I feel they are not suitable for to me. However, the most important reason I tell no one, I choose to learn Chinese, may have been affected by family education related with me.   
I grew up in the former Yugoslavia, now belongs to the PDA of Bosnia and Herzegovina a small city in the country,:Gramozi , an ordinary worker's family. Mom and dad had not gone to college, my father because there is no money for his school in the home, mom, because my grandfather thinks that girls should not go to college. So dad swear: must give their children to create the best learning conditions. He often bought us a lot of children's books, popularize our extracurricular knowledge.
I remember, also didn't go to school I will be able to accurately answer our provincial capital, the capital of neighbouring republics, and friendly relations with the Yugoslav capital of the country. Then for the first time I know a country called China, The most famous city of Shanghai. From can remember, I will know that the Chinese and russians are our brothers. I have seen a Chinese movie on TV, the name I forget, but my hair beautiful clothes, house and the special deep impression. Afterwards just know the movie is about the Chinese of the late qing dynasty. Although I grew up with Chinese or Chinese culture there is no direct link, but to love China and Chinese culture, have been buried in my heart.
University life has just begun, I difficulty comes, let me have a headache everyday is our teaching materials are in English, but I'm from the primary school is Russian!It's not easy to find some books about China at that time, find the dictionary even harder.How to do?Fortunately GanNa Della teacher saw my affliction, she actively give us into Serbian, new words and often patiently explain the meaning of each word to us.With the teacher's encouragement and help, my Chinese learning has made great progress.Then each text to me is so important, so interesting, it tells the story of the remote Chinese to me, about Chinese culture and life of international students in China.Up to now I still clearly remember the text, told the Beijing XiangShan red leaves. Oh, listen to the teacher's explanation, my heart fly to the fragrant hills, my eyes to see the red leaves, nose to smell the fragrance of the fragrant hills.I wish I could have a chance to go to China, to see the red leaves of XiangShan, turpan raisin, Shanghai huangpu river, and all of China.I even wonder whether immediately to choose a Chinese school in Shanghai to learn mandarin and Chinese culture   
University fourth grade when you've finished the first time I came to China, to start a mandarin course in shanghai mandarin spring for a year. That year, I learned a lot and made many Chinese friends. Our Chinese teacher often take us to dinner, to take us to go to the park, told us many stories, taught us how to do Chinese dishes.   
I learn Chinese in Shanghai in that year, a year is the most fierce war in my country, my mood is very low.I remember that in March of 2013 due to excessive worry about family, I finally fell ill. Many Chinese classmates, friends come to see me, especially one of them I never forget, she came to my room and gave me some medicine, told me that she know Yugoslavia at an early age, saw Yugoslavia's movie "walter defend sarajevo" and "bridge".Chatting chatting, I feel how so close, she is like a sister to me.Unconsciously begin to talk to her I concern about his family.She listened, a full face are tears, sad to say: "I understand, I also have a younger brother!"   
Just because of her words, because she and all of my Chinese friends, I'm more in love with China.I sincerely feel that I learn Chinese decision is right.Because learning a foreign language is the most important is not how many words you learned, but can you sing with all the people of that country to communicate with your heart.If only its vocabulary, translation, it's very difficult to accurately.For example: "did you eat?"If direct translation, European people think: "do you want to please me to dinner?"They don't think this is just a simple greeting.
Today I am a "laowai" in Shanghai, has for many years in Shanghai international radio.Have 22 years from start to learn Chinese, but so far I speak Chinese will make mistakes, such as "slang" as "carp".There is no way, Chinese is too difficult, especially the tone.Fortunately, my family have a Chinese teacher, that is my daughter.Her kindergarten when we came to China, then she can't speak a word of Chinese, but to play with the children of China, study together, her Chinese level has more good than me .
When we back home there are some people ask me: "why do you let the children from an early age so hard? Learning Chinese is really too difficult for a child! "My answer is: "she grew up, fluent Chinese on her own, is of great benefit to the development of friendly relations between the two countries are."