The significance and?effect of emotional investment in teaching Chinese as a foreign language?in Shanghai Chinese School

In the old Chinese culture, the most important thing of interpersonal is the word "love". "Love" is the ties between the contacts with people, and it is a bridge for people to communicate. Foreign language education in Shanghai Chinese school, both classroom teaching and communication and coaching after class, constitute a small environment of communication, and the teacher is the creator of this small environment. What kind of atmosphere it is, in Shanghai Chinese school 1000 teachers will get 1000 different answers. Because the emotional investment of every teacher in Shanghai Chinese school to the students, to the classes or to the understanding of the knowledge is different. (a) Build affective trust between teachers and students and extend the students' emotional interest In the education teaching environment in Shanghai Chinese School, most of the students' learning motivation is not clear, can also be said that their learning attitude is negative, passive. Students tend to be controlled by a curiosity and unnecessary emotion. It can be said, his class performance does not depend on the desire of seeking knowledge, but in him if he liked the teacher of the class or if the class is vivid, interesting, and even his last night's sleep condition will affect the state of his lecture. Shanghai Chinese school students have their own independent thinking, in the first time of contacting a teacher, it is easy for students to pay attention to the foreign language level of the teachers and the teachers’ teaching state and their teaching ability, and soon there will be a positive or negative attitude. The formation of this attitude will directly affect the classroom order of this course in the future and the quality of teaching. So, Shanghai Chinese school teachers should try to seize this "sensitive period", arouse the students’ positive emotional factors, stimulate students’ interest in learning. Of course, as interpersonal communication, the teacher also needs to have a certain emotional investment, let the students realized, mentor is also good friends. So the love between the students and teachers can also extend to the love of learning of Chinese, even to the love of China. (b) Often do emotional empathy, and put your full energy to the class The class of teaching Chinese as a foreign language is quite different as others; the complexity of the teaching objects increases the difficulty of teaching. In Shanghai Chinese School, most situation of the class is that the students in one class are often multi nationality. Although this makes the class full of freshness, but also make it full of challenges for teachers. Teachers need to stand in different students’ nationality and also from different students’ point of view to do emotional investment. Teachers' preferences cannot lead their individual action, in the Shanghai Chinese School the teachers should treat all students equally without discrimination; treat the students from developed countries and developing countries the same; be the same patient to language talent and high language talent students the same patient; be responsible for both the older and younger students. (c) Understanding students' learning attitude, the teachers and students emotion collision of passion Although the traditional empiricism teaching method "imitation -- memory -- practice" criticized by a lot of people, but it is still an effective method in foreign language learning. The reason for this teaching method cannot be sustained in practice is that it is too boring, the students feel boring and lost the interest in learning during this practice process. If in Shanghai Chinese schools, teachers can fully in emotional insight in and understanding of the psychological state of the students, the reform of teaching methods will receive good results. It is a very good improvement measures that the teachers from Shanghai Chinese School make and design different kinds of cards and a variety of games after school. In Shanghai Chinese in schools, some teachers adopt the improved empiricism teaching method. Because the review is to let the words and phrases appear repeatedly in front of students in order to get familiar with them and finally achieve the purpose of memory. Shanghai Chinese school teachers made a semester word cards, let the students read the words one by one, and make phrases with these words. In order to avoid a single repeat, teachers can design three links: the first link, "Solitaire read:" to get familiar with words of this semester, and the students’ character and degree of difficulty, the students react quite average. The second part, "Topsy-turvy": random let students read five new words continuously, which answers wrong need to stand and wait for the next opportunity, there is tension in the classroom. Because the students think, read five words right continuously is a matter of pride, everyone will envy. The third part, students can be divided into a and b two groups do the game which is called "sharp eyes": just take the vocabulary cards in front of students quickly went on up, students need to pronounce and make phrases with the word rely on their instantaneous response. The students’ enthusiasm is mobilizing, many students, who don't like to speak in the class, even stand up and raise their hands to answer, let alone the students who are usually more active. The sound of answering questions in the classroom can be heard in the corridor. I think, in this case, the teacher and the students reached a tacit understanding. It is a both side affective commitment, the teaching effect of such kind of class is the emotion collision of passion between teachers and students. In fact, during the process of teaching in Shanghai Chinese School, if teachers feel interesting, students will also feel interesting, and vice versa. Interesting or boring lies in the teacher's operation, it depends on the emotional input of the teachers. As a teacher, the teaching content in Shanghai Chinese School is quite similar, then each class order and the quality of teaching lies in the teacher's careful planning and emotional investment, foreign language teachers are even more so. To make the students transfers form don’t like learning to the willing to learn, and finally fall in love with learning is the basic objective of teachers need to achieve in the input of teaching emotion. "to vote in the Peach, at the Lee" . The teachers devote themselves in teaching; the students will show their achievement as rewards.