Mandarin Spring Chinese School in Shanghai Experience: Task-based Language Teaching

        Task-based Language Teaching refers to the teaching method when the instructor utilizes the topic-oriented education while giving different assignments to students, when they are asked to imagine a certain daily situation and act according to the given conditions. Instead of using texts and fixed dialogues, students are given the freedom to use their imagination and come up with the best possible respond appropriate to the circumstances given as fast as they can. This educational method goes back to the 1980’s and is emphasizing the technique that is based on “learning by doing”. This language teaching method has been a point of interest and raised attention in international language teaching society. During recent years, such technique as “doing things with the language” has already started to be implemented to the process of practical Mandarin education. Advantages of this kind of method cannot be underestimated, since the students are given a real chance to finally utilize their knowledge and vocabulary in practice. At the same time, the teacher can discover the problems of certain students much faster and correct the mistakes if necessary. This method also helps teaching instructors to make sure whether the students have understood the material and know how to use grammar structures properly. At the same time, students get to use the book knowledge in practice and apply it to different daily topics.
        According to this theory, the most effective way to acquire comprehensive language learning is to integrate different kinds of activities to the learning process, and not only focus on the theoretical knowledge and language skills acquiring. Through different kinds of educational activities, teacher has to come up with specific situations and assignments that require students’ participation and design particular tasks that can be completed in the classroom. Students, on the other hand, have to complete the assignment given by the teacher through expressing, communicating, explaining, inquiries and much more various activities and reach their learning goals and achieve impeccable language abilities.
        Mandarin Spring is the best Chinese school in Shanghai. Through imitating different kinds of real-life situations, by focusing on the demands, interests and requirements of different students we design various, colorful and exciting activities for our students letting them to immerse into the atmosphere of language learning step by step from the beginning to end and to accumulate particular learning experience. The reviews and real value of such activities have been approved and used as one of the modern means to improve the language abilities twice faster. For many years, educational programs all over the world have been emphasizing the meaning of theoretical language course and encouraging students to simply focus on expanding of their vocabulary. Nowadays, the linguistic approach has changed significantly and it is well-known that good language level is tied with the student’s ability to communicate and express himself in the foreign language. The level of language can no longer be estimated by the amount of word that student is able to recognize or use, the area of language study has expanded. It has been discovered that students that devote their studying time mostly to the written language, reading and increasing their vocabulary often find it difficult to communicate and deal with the simple daily tasks when they are finally facing the foreign environment. Thus, even the learners who have shown outstanding results in the written tests are sometimes not able to express and explain themselves and experience the so-called ‘language barrier’. The fear of making mistakes, being misunderstood or being unable to get the meaning of the response can be described as the most common obstacle for language learning even for the most talented students. It might complicate and puzzle the students who were not devoting as much time to the language practice.
        Chinese school in Shanghai Mandarin Spring is using the “task-based language teaching” to let students to take the initiative in the classroom and be able to eliminate communication barrier and perform. By finishing such tasks, students can use the previously acquired knowledge and skills. Students are able to improve their Chinese level significantly by accomplishing this kind of student-teacher mutual communication. The main purpose of the lessons based on this method is to improve students’ ability to react, as often many learners find it extremely difficult to find the right words to respond in a relatively short time even if they have entirely understood the conversation partner’s speech.
        Mandarin is an instrument for communication, it has a very strong practical meaning. Most of the students in Mandarin Spring Chinese school in Shanghai have high requirements to their language learning provider and know how important it is to apply the language to their life and work. Some are pursuing career improvements, some are adapting to life in China, in any case, as the result, the efficient communication with the local people is considered the main point of interest and effort. Students are choosing to study Mandarin in order to be able to communicate, and this ability success is tightly bounded to the sufficient amount of language practice activities.
        As a Top Chinese school in Shanghai, Mandarin Spring has designed numerous and various activities that include the techniques and methods of “Task-based Language Teaching” theory that are all completed through the forms of pair work or group work. This method saves a lot of students’ time, so the accomplished overall positive result from the practical training can be improved significantly. Mandarin Spring Chinese School in Shanghai is offering not only better Mandarin courses but also heartfelt service. We care about our students and value their time. By using the most innovative educational theories and personalizing our programs to the students’ needs we are able to provide efficient training and guarantee faster learning results. By considering the needs and requirements of particular students we are able to custom-design the programs and meet the demands even better. Therefore, the method of Task-based language teaching implemented in Chinese school in Shanghai MandarinSpring provides students with more possibilities for real-life interaction and communication. No more time for awkward silence or miscommunication!